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The CT2Learn Evolved Learning System (ELS) provides access to a dynamic and robust learning environment for the study of:

Criminal Justice

Content organized into nine major categories: Administration of Justice, Corrections, Investigations, Law & Procedure, Terrorism & Homeland Security, First Response, Policing & Security, Criminology, and Cybercrime.

Fire Fighting, EMS & First Response

Hazmat accident manuals, fire scene anatomy, fireground procedures, fire and life safety aspects of buildings, EMS, final reports on 9/11 building collapse, operations guides for major disasters and emergencies, et. al.

Academic and Career Skills

Resources to explore and practice the habits, skills, and attitude that are essential to being a successful student, a valued employee, and to achieving career advancement.

Professional Development

Rich, interactive and effective public safety and security training. Online courses and webinars for your ongoing professional development needs.

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CT2Learn feedback.

Quotes from student subscribers.

CT2Learn is the best value in online education resources for AJS (criminal justice).
I really enjoy the www.ct2learn.com site. I have used it in previous classes. I feel that this is better than an actual book.
I really do like using CT2Learn because there are a variety of books and resources that can be accessed for a reasonable membership price.
I like using it better than a textbook because there is more up to date information. There are links and articles that are relevant now, not just when a book was written.
Quotes from Instructors

I have recommended CT2Learn to fellow instructors and professional organizations I am associated with. I find the Immersion Zone and the Bookshelf to be very beneficial for professionals. Additionally, in a time when our students are struggling to attend class due to costs, efforts to provide excellent academic material at a reasonable rate is very important.

The Criminal Justice Resources contain documents and readings in which to present small conversation topics in class or as further information. The web links and attached media make it a primary area of learning and one I often use.