Criminology in the USA

Criminology in the USA introduces the student to the theory and practice of criminology. Using real world examples and applications the author explains the theoretical development of the study of the causes of crime and its affects on society. This book also addresses the field of criminology as a career and outlines how criminologists function in all areas of the criminal justice system.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Criminology 11
Addendum A 33
Chapter 2: Criminology and Careers 36
Chapter 3: Issues in Criminology: Crime, Addiction, the Mentally Ill, and Recidivism 77
Chapter 4: Violent Offenders 118
Chapter 5: Economics, Crime, and Class 142
Chapter 6: Comparative and Evaluative Research in Criminology: Criminal Issues Concerning Gun Violence and Driving While Impaired, and State Legitimacy and Crime 173
Chapter 7: Theft, Thieves, and Fraud 213
Addendum B 271
Glossary 280