Homeland Security in the USA

The government’s current stance on homeland security has evolved from concern over terrorist attacks to an all-hazards approach. This recognizes that much of what we do with regard to prevention,response, and recovery applies in all disastrous situations, whether due to a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, a terrible accident of man-made materials, or a public health crisis... The documents compiled in this text are the result of our government’s work on all aspects of homeland security.

Homeland Security in the USA introduces and compiles multiple public documents into a concise reader. Numerous resources, spanning the development of the Department of Homeland Security to specialized duties of various departments, are collected and organized in one convenient location. The Modules cover the history, relevant terminology, and action points that have been standardized to keep our borders and citizens safe from natural, accidental and terrorist activity.

Compiled and edited by a HAZMAT-authorized first responder who has hands-on experience at the scene of some of America’s most critical disaster sites, this textbook provides a dynamic research tool for the CJ student seeking to enter the field of homeland and border security.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Establishment of the Department of Homeland Security 1
Module 2: The National Strategy for Homeland Security Student Brief 16
Module 3: The Homeland Security Risk Lexicon Student Brief 84
Module 4: The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Student Brief 102
Module 5: The National Response Framework Student Brief 142
Module 6: The National Infrastructure Protection Plan Student Brief 204
Module 7: The National Emergency Communications Plan Student Brief 278
Module 8: The National Preparedness Guidelines Student Brief 312