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  • Extensive list of ebooks and texts
  • Curated research documents
  • eLessons to assign individually or within a course
  • Video presentations
  • Hundreds of managed web links
  • Interactive activities


Content is presented on one easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate digital platform. Students pay one low cost membership to access the entire system. Using simple links, you select which items you wish to incorporate into your course.


We can work with you to identify specific ELS content that maps directly to your course outcomes, and can even develop your topical outline. We have built hundreds of online, hybrid, and on-ground courses. Let us help you with yours.

  • CT2Learn content curation
  • Education technology experts. Our amazing team consists of experienced instructional designers and subject matter experts.
  • We design courses for multiple LMS platforms including Blackboard, Canvas, and more
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For less than the cost of one textbook, your students will participate in your subject matter in ways never before possible utilizing one convenient, relevant, engaging, and accessible platform.

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Save your students hundreds of dollars on educational resources.

Traditional textbook prices are higher than ever and we want to help! Adopt CT2Learn for your course or program. We will help you design each course using the content in our system. Students purchase one subscription to be used for all their CJ courses. They no longer have to buy multiple textbooks for multiple courses. Students have access to all the resources on the ELS platform. That currently includes 50 textbooks in e-Book format, 100 e-Lessons and over 900 documents, articles and videos.

CT2Learn adoption.

Is the CT2Learn Evolved Learning System right for my course?

    At the heart of the ELS is great content. By adopting the ELS for your course, you receive immediate access to a growing list of complete ebook texts. So you can choose from a single book or multiple books for your course reading assignments. Your adoption of the ELS also gives you additional resources to enrich your course:

  • Multimedia content to supplement your lecture and classroom activities
  • eLessons, interactive modules (iMods), individual and group activities, resources for homework and research assignments.

  • The ELS also contains "instructor eyes only" text ancillaries so developing your online or on-ground course is a breeze. Want help? Utilize CT2Learn's team of instructional designers to help you every step of the way.

The CT2Learn Course Pack

As an introduction to the Ct2Learn ELS, we provide organized "Course Packs" that readily demonstrate the power and value of our system. Course packs combine primary reading sources with a deep wealth of ancillaries available for instructors and administrators. Course Pack ancillaries include lesson plans, teacher guides, video presentations, readings on current events, interactive activities, eLearning lessons, and more.

CT2Learn Advisory Board.

The Criminal Justice National Advisory Board brought together by Curriculum Technology for CT2Learn content serves multiple functions, including advising CT curriculum developers on the current trends in the various criminal justice professions that should be recognized in new course and program development. In addition, the board may function as an ad hoc advisory panel for public and private school organizations' regulatory compliance, program development, and career services efforts.

Jeffeory G. Hynes, Ed.D.

Retired Phoenix Police Commander (32 years); Glendale CC Chairperson for Administration of Justice Studies, Fire Science, Automotive, and EMT Disciplines. CT2Learn Early Adopter, Key Contributor, Interface Expert

Kevin Watts, M.Ed.

Phoenix Police Department (Sergeant), CT2Learn Early Adopter, Subject Matter Expert, Key Contributor, Interface Expert

Donna Simon, Ed.D

Instructional Design Expert, Northern Arizona University Assistant Clinical Professor, West Virginia State University Vice President and Chief of Staff, CT2Learn Early Adopter, Subject Matter Expert, Key Contributor

William H. Crawford III, Ed.D.

Vice President at Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Mary Ann Holtz, MA.

Research and Curation, Instructional Design

Genea Stephens, Ed.D.

Ashford University Program Chair for Law Enforcement Administration, Former Glendale Police Department (Sergeant), CT2Learn Early Adopter

Charles Loftus, Ph.D.

Director of Protective Services, Arizona Dept. of Economic Security; Arizona State University Faculty

Shel Silver, J.D.

Ashford University Chair, Department of Justice Studies

Cindy Scott, Ed.D.

Northern Arizona University Program Chair, Justice and Intelligence Studies

Rosalee Hodges, MPA.

Professor, Northern Arizona University and Glendale Community College

Richard N. Jackson, M.Ed.

Professor and Former Parole and Correctional Officer

Donna Marquez, MA.

Instructional Design, Cuyamaca College Associate Professor, Project Manager, International Development

Valeri Frisbee, Ed.D.

Instructional Design, online learning researcher and presenter

CT2Learn is the best available accommodation for students. Many students are limited to the amount of classes they can take due to the cost of books. For the small price of this site, it becomes more attractive to take more classes as the affordability cannot be matched. I highly recommend this site and feel all other academic disciplines should use it as a service to their students.