CT2Learn Evolved Learning System (ELS)

We welcome you to experience a small sample of the most amazing digital content platform ever created for criminal justice programs and courses!  Scroll down and click the links on this page - you'll experience just a small sampling of the content our system contains: 

  • Digital Books: we present four samples here, with over 60 more in the system!
  • Documents: Hundreds of curated documents add depth and breadth to our extensive bookshelf.
  • Web Links: CT2Learn has developed an extensive list of interesting, relevant, and academically useful web links that we organize by topic throughout the system.  We've done the research, analysis, and evaluation work to identify great content presented by real experts. 
  • eLessons: CT2Learn is presented and managed by Curriculum Technology - a leader in online course development.  We offer hundreds of eLessons in the ELS.
  • Slideshows: instructors and students can access hundreds of slide shows
  • Videos: we have created and curated over 500 videos

Content in the ELS is categorized and organized by topic, providing multiple methods to rapidly identify the resources you need.  You can save Favorites for later viewing or to create a list of items for assigning to students as homework, research or group activities.   The options are endless, access is guided and intuitive, and customization to your individual course needs is immediate. 

Learning Resources

Your learning resources are divided into three sections: Read, Interact and Watch. Read contains documents, articles, and web links. Interact contains CT2Learn's eLessons and Slideshows. Watch contains curated videos on related topics. Rolling over each link provides a pop-up description of the item.

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Clicking Document and Articles links opens them in a PDF viewer window. Handy navigation tools can be found at the top of the viewer, including the ability to navigate to a specific page, download the document to your device, and print the document. Web Links open in a new browswer tab so you can easily return to this page to view a different link.


CT2Learn's interactive eLessons serve a variety of educational purposes. They can function as the primary lesson for a particular learning objective or topic, work great as homework assignments, or provide engaging supplemenental content for individual or group work. Our Slideshows are typical PowerPoint presenations delivered using PowerPoint Online. This flexible platform enables a number of viewing and presentation options.


Videos presented in the CT2Learn ELS have been produced or curated to support specific learning objectives and outcomes. Most are presented via YouTube to enable reliable viewing quality and reliability.

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