Defensive Stance

The defensive stance is the foundation for all defensive tactics techniques and firearms techniques. Kneeling, prone, dynamic, and ground tactics all start from a solid defensive stance. This course helps guide the officer in how to choose the appropriate positioning and movement to balance officer safety requirements with the need to present a firm but non-threatening approach to contacts. Approaches, methods, and disengagement will be discussed.

Upon completion of this course the student will demonstrate the following skills demonstrating safety, completion of effective police work, and sound tactics:

  • Identify the suspect approach
  • Identify the Interview stance
  • Maintain a reactionary gap
  • Conduct a field interview
  • Disengage from a citizen contact

To complete this course you will need to do the following:

  • Review the Course Overview
  • Watch the Video "Introduction to Defensive Stance" 
  • Read the chapter "Defensive Stance"
  • Complete the  eLesson - Defensive Stance
  • Complete the Final Quiz 
  • Fill out the Participant Survey
  • Print your Certificate of Completion