Intoxicated Persons

An introductory course on handling intoxicated persons during security-related duties. You will also examine symptoms, signs, and medical conditions.

As a security practitioner or law enforcement officer, you will often be dealing with situations involving intoxicated persons. These situations can rapidly become very dangerous to you and to the intoxicated person you may be dealing with.

This course examines the symptoms of alcohol intoxication and compares and contrasts those symptoms to specific medical conditions, including facts about alcohol poisoning. This course also presents methods of dealing with intoxicated persons during police or security-related duties.

Objectives: • Recognize the signs and symptoms of intoxication • Distinguish intoxication from diseases with similar symptoms • Mitigate the dangers involved in dealing with intoxicated persons


Lesson 1: Overview
Reading: 50 Signs of Intoxication
Lesson 2: Medical Conditions
Reading: Facts About Alcohol Poisoning
Lesson 3: Handling Intoxicated Persons
Final Quiz
Certificate of Completion