Use of Force

Understanding the use of force policies and laws is equally if not more important than mastering the physical skills used in defensive tactic. No other police function puts the officer in more risk of liability exposure than the use of force. But the need for officers to utilize some level of force occurs almost daily on the job. So it cannot be avoided.

This course details the levels of force, escalation and de-escalation of force, and liability in the use of force situations.

Upon completion of course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the levels of force in relation to ability, opportunity, jeopardy and preclusion
  • Identify force variables in the escalation and de-escalation of force
  • Describe the reporting requirements needed to justify the use of force
  • Distinguish between the types of liability in the use of force situations
  • Describe the common defenses used in the justification in use of force

To complete this course you will need to do the following:

  • Read the Course Overview
  • Read the article  "30 Guiding Principles on the Use of Force"
  • Complete the  eLesson - Use of Force
  • Complete the Final Quiz
  • Fill out the Participant Survey
  • Print your Certificate of Completion