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We welcome you to experience the most amazing digital content platform ever created for criminal justice programs and courses!  Scroll down and click the links on this page - here we present you with just a small sampling of the content our complete system contains. 

Content in the full LRP system is categorized and organized by topic, providing multiple methods to rapidly identify the resources you need. You can save Favorites for later viewing or to create a list of items for assigning to students as homework, research or group activities. The options are endless, access is guided and intuitive, and customization to your individual course needs is immediate. 


Learning Resources

Your learning resources are divided into three sections: Read, Interact and Watch. Read contains documents, articles, and web links. Interact contains CT2Learn's eLessons and Slideshows. Watch contains curated videos on related topics. Rolling over each link provides a pop-up description of the item.

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Documents open in a PDF Viewer. Navigation tools are at the top of the viewer to help you quicly access a specific section in the document. In addition, the buttons on the top right of the viewer provide the ability to print or download the document to your device for offline viewing.


eLessons and Interactive Modules (iMods) are focused instructional units that provide instructors and students with the application of knowledge and job skills used every day by professionals in the workplace. iMods provide the connection of theory to practical application, wrapped inside a rich and engaging learning environment.


The videos below highlight various aspects of the central topic of this page.

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