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Adopt CT2Learn for your students. The Evolved Learning System readily supports an entire program of content. Currently, the system includes Criminal Justice as well as complete content for Professional Development/Career Skills courses.

The ELS is appropriate for on ground, online, or hybrid courses. It can be utilized as the "primary text" for a course, or as a rich supplement to an existing text adoption.

The CT2Learn ELS is created and managed by Curriculum Technology, an industry leader in the development of academic and training content for education, government, and business.

Curriculum Technology has extensive leadership experience in developing custom academic and training materials including complete programs, courses, courseware, and supporting assets. Our strengths lie in our broad experience in education, (instruction, school operations, regulatory compliance), elearning, publishing, and multi-media production.

Institutions seeking to launch or revise a program in criminal justice are offered additional benefits with adoption of the CT2Learn ELS. Program "white paper" research data to support adoption decision-making and regulatory application requirements; "off the shelf" program documents including program outlines, course syllabi, and learning resources lists. Even curriculum development can be included in a new implementation of a program or a course.

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