The ELS: Content as a Service for Education and Training.

  • Platform, People, and Content combine for better learning experiences, more variety, greater value
  • 21st Century content delivery
  • Highest Ratings by students and instructors


A user-friendly "Content Deployment System" that includes a Learning Management System for corporate and professional development.

  • Hosting platform for digital content publishers and eLearning training partners
  • Cloud based platform
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy access, highly secure
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Integrated ecommerce
  • Mobile friendly
  • Innovative content filtering
  • Works in all LMSs
  • One Access Point for students, instructors, and professionals based on permissions-based content access

Instructional design.

We have dozens of courses ready for immediate adoption and we readily perform Instant Customization for your specific course.

The CT instructional design team is ready to assist you with your course build. There is no fee for ELS adoptions. Our service includes:

  • Real time course updating
  • Never an "edition change" - content is continuously reviewed and updated, so your course stays current
  • Instructor ancillary resources immediately available through the same system (access restricted to Instructors Only)


All content is Subject Matter Expert Driven.

We offer a wide spectrum of content types:

  • Open source academic materials
  • eBooks
  • Documents
  • eLessons
  • Video, audio
  • Interactive presentations
  • Current events
  • Web links
  • News Feeds
  • Apps

And an expanding list of content topics, including:

  • A complete program in Criminal Justice
  • Academic Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Public Safety, including Fire Science and First Response


CT2Learn offers a better teaching and learning experience:

  • A go-to resource for criminal justice students, instructors, and professionals
  • Ad-free environment
  • Great for preparing for the job market as well as ongoing professional development
  • Multiple access plans, very cost effective
  • Highest ratings for content quality, variety, and value

Investors Welcome

Development Partners Welcome

Academic Reviewers and Advisors Welcome

Many of my students work full time to support families and every dime counts, so this is a big deal to them when I tell them that it will save a good amount of money. Second, they don't have to lug a group of books around to class, or have them sit on the shelf at home after the class is over.