1. What does ELS stand for?
    ELS stands for Evolved Learning System.
  2. How do I signup for CT2Learn?
    If you go to the membership page you can see all the information and options for membership.
  3. How does the subscription work?
    It's very simple. Currently, CT2Learn offers three membership options: 60-day (or 70-day as of August 1, 2015), 120-day (or 140-day as of August 1, 2015), or 365-day. You can enroll for as long as you need access to the system, with the longer plans offering better value. With all plans, you have access to all of the CT2Learn features and content for as long as your membership remains active. With these plans, there is no need to cancel as the membership automatically reverts to "basic" status when the term expires. Basic status provides free access to the CT2Learn Immersion Zone. For those who signed up on the old "monthly recurring payments" plan, your membership automatically renews each month until you decide to cancel.
  4. I am a student enrolled in four online classes that all use CT2Learn. Do I have to pay a subscription fee for each class or only pay for one membership?
    One of the huge benefits for students who are in programs that use CT2Learn for multiple courses is that one membership gives you access to all the books and other learning materials in platform. In this case, only one membership that will last for the duration of the courses is needed.
  5. What browsers does the ELS work on?
    You can see a full list of supported browsers, operating systems and mobile devices that are compatible with the CT2Learn ELS here.
  6. Why provide such an awesome system?
    Books cost too much, and technology has enabled fresh ways to access content. Why should students have to pay $500 a semester on books?
  7. Will CT2Learn's Evolved Learning System (ELS) work on tablets?
    Yes. Refer to this chart to see if your tablet is supported.
  8. I have one of the old "monthly recurring payment" memberships. How do I cancel?
    • From the Member Home page, click Member Profile in left side menu (drop down menu on mobile devices)
    • Click "membership" link on top of Profile page
    • Click "Cancel Paid Membership" button
    • Follow directions on next screen to confirm your decision
    • Continue the process to cancel your credit card billing from our merchant provider, 2CheckOut (2CO). You will need your card number or order ID provided via email from 2CO when you paid for your membership.
  9. What's an iMod?
    Interactive Modules, or "iMods" are relatively short, highly interactive lessons on specific topics. Currently the ELS contains two iMod Series. The Criminal Justice iMod Series offers practical, skills-based content that supplements learning from a textbook and lecture classroom environment. The Professional Development iMod Series focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitude one needs to land and keep a great job in today's world.